Shurb - Jimmy The Juice Man

Brand: Jimmy The Juice Man

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Shurb - Jimmy The Juice Man

Raspberry, Lime, Citrus, Orange, and some other hidden gems in this best seller by Jimmy the Juice Man. A delicious vape where seeing the bottom of the bottle hurts. Shurb was and still remains as the first and only e-liquid of its kind. A deliciously deep satisfying inhale and exhale from one bottle to the next and with years as a proven the track record of this liquid as impeccable. When it comes to trusted brands and masters of execution very few have come close to even competing with Jimmy The Juice Man. Set your vape on your desired wattage and get ready for a timeless classic that refuses to relinquish its crown.

Primary Flavors: Raspberry, Lime, Orange

PG/VG: 40/60