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Silver 52 Root Beer Float – Crown E Liquid
$ 7.99
Silver 52 Root Beer Float – Crown E Liquid
Silver 52 Root Beer Float – Crown E Liquid
Silver 52 Root Beer Float – Crown E Liquid
$ 7.99

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Primary Flavors
Product Description

Silver 52 Root Beer Float – Crown E Liquid



You do not have to wait to go to the movies or a carnival to get this float with your favorite flavor. This Root Beer Float e liquid will give you all the sweetness you need to give you a similar taste of your favorite soda. This soda that, is commonly known and drank in the United States, has a delicious flavor that can be unexplainable at the same time. It is a difficult drink to describe, but not difficult to drink. As you take a pull of Root Beer Float, you get the sense that you are in a movie theater waiting to watch the new horror movie that just came out. You are drinking the slushy carbonated drink that you regularly only have at the movie theater because the one at the gas station does not taste the same. This e liquid is making you sink in your movie theater seat because of how relaxing it is making you feel. The seat even appears to recline, which makes the experience even better. The soft drink inspired e liquid is making your mouth water and at this point, you can care less if the movie is going to turn out well. As long as this e liquid is satisfying your craving for a soft drink, everything will appear better. As you slowly begin to exhale, you feel as if you can taste the carbonation leaving your mouth and turning into huge clouds. You come back to reality as soon as you see them because you know you are not allowed to be smoking in no theater. Unless it is one of those smoking ones, but those not only play awful films, they are also super old. You want to keep enjoying your Root Beer Float so you go for several other pulls until you are full. Good thing this e liquid is available in a 30ml of e juice per bottle, so this float will take a while to be on empty.



Primary Flavors: Root Beer


PG/VG: 40/60

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