Sinnamon - Gentleman's Brew E Juice

Brand: Gentleman's Brew E Juice

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Sinnamon - Gentleman's Brew E Juice 

Do not feel like doing the cinnamon challenge? Good, because that is honestly a thing of the past and you are too grown to be participating in those immature activities. Actually, maybe you should check if you could handle a spoonful just in case because you never know when you will have to do that in the future. Anyways, Sinnamon is the name of the e liquid that is going to give you this spice as you enjoy an amazing pastry. No, the name was not a typo; the creators just wanted to be cute so appreciate it! As you breathe in this blend by Gentleman's Brew, you are going to taste a sugary cookie begin to melt in your mouth as if you placed one that freshly came out of the over on top of your taste buds. You might think you may have tried some of the best cookies you ever had in the past, but this e liquid is going to be something different. These cookies are going to taste as if they were professionally made! Sorry grandma, but your cookie recipe might not stand a chance. As you continue to inhale, you are going to taste the magical vanilla icing that is drizzled on top of the cookie so that it has more sweetness for you to enjoy. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to an amazing treat from time to time. However, this blend might make you feel as if you no longer have to have a cheat day. Last, but not least, you are going to taste the amazing cinnamon sprinkled on top of the cookie to give you sort of that fall season vibe. Sometimes it is difficult to find that snack that is going to hit the spot no matter what time of the day you decide to help yourself to it. Well, this e liquid will definitely be a great option! Stop trying other e liquids that believe they are a sweet tooth’s dream and pick up this bad boy that will most likely be what it claims to be.

Primary Flavors: Cinnamon, Sugar Cookie, Vanilla, Icing 

PG/VG: 20/80