Six Feet Under - Graveyard E Liquid

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You're going to think that you've woken up in paradise with this fruity flavored blend that will appeal to your sweet tooth as well. There is a quality about this blend that makes it ideal for anyone who finds themselves frequently becoming bored of their juices. The way that they are able to take so many different flavors and bring it into this blend and have them be able to stand on their own, as well as part of a cohesive blend, is so impressive and really speaks to the masterful way in which it was produced. Every time that you go to vape it, you know that your taste buds are going to have a party. It is just so complex and fun that you're getting this experience that you can't help but walk away from with a big smile on your face. That is one of the most beautiful things about coming across a selection such as this one, it can make you want to have a good time just by the power of how fun that its flavor is. Definitely a true standout, this is just the kind of blend that you're going to love having by your side in that warmer weather. Graveyard E Liquid has a way of making some of the most unique and playful blends and they do it with an attention to detail that will really blow you away. Six Feet Under combines a number of different tropical fruit flavors together with a sherbet base.

Primary Flavors: Sherbet, Tropical Fruit