Sky - Aeris Vapor

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Sky - Aeris Vapor

Look up at the clouds and feel yourself imagining up all of the different things that they may be. If you've ever spent a sunny, warm day laying on the grass, gazing at the clouds, you will know that there is no better way to find relaxation and calm, that is, until now. This blend is going to give you the feeling of being outside, letting your thoughts drift away and living in the moment with its natural, pure flavor that just backs up a relaxed state of mind. So if you are the kind of person who always seems to have a million different thoughts happening at once and can never truly unwind, you may very well want to give this selection a try and see if it can help you to find your happy place. Don't get us wrong though, as serene and peaceful as this juice is, it's got some serious flavor that is going to capture your heart all at once and leave you in an amazing mood that you won't ever want to let go of. For that, you are going to really love the way that it is able to make you feel deep down inside. Aeris Vapor makes a range of really delectable flavors that are going to hit you deep down where it counts and make it so that you are in touch with your natural, earthy side. They really use premium quality ingredients to achieve the blends that they make and they do it with an attention to detail that will have you swooning from the get-go. Sky is a mixture of berries that go along perfectly with some crisp, refreshing menthol that will take a hold of you and make you feel fresh, clean and good all over.

Primary Flavors: Mixed Berry, Menthol