Smokebuddy Junior Personal Air Filter

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Product Description

Smokebuddy Junior Personal Air Filter

We love to go on a little vape trip, but sometimes we do not have the time to step outside and help ourselves. Some of your peers may not care if you take a hit of whatever you are craving, but you are respectful and do not want to bother the people around for at least a tiny bit. Well, it seems like now you will not have to worry too much about that because this bright accessory is going to be discreet and allow you to remain odor free when you exhale.

If you are not familiar with Smokebuddy, then you might consider yourself lucky now that you do because this brand might just become your new best friend. They have created the Junior Personal Air Filter that will allow you to go on a vape trip without being super obnoxious with the fragrance of whatever you are indulging in.

Sure, we like a lovely fruity smell sometimes if you are vaping with an amazing e liquid, but sometimes the odors that they leave lingering around in the air can bother those around you. While some people do not care and tell others to get over it, some have consideration of those around them.

Simply exhale into the smaller opening in your accessory, and the air will filter out and come out the other end. It is easy to take a hit while preventing yourself from being annoying with your tokes.

Product Features:

  • Dimensions: 1.25in x 3.5in
  • Portable
  • Air Filtration System
  • Discreet
  • No Batteries Required
  • Blows Out Completely Odor Free Air
  • Recommended For: Home, Office, Dorm, Or Car

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Junior Personal Air Filter By Smokebuddy

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