Smooth Criminal - Cloud Culture E Liquid

Brand: Cloud Culture E Liquid

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Smooth Criminal - Cloud Culture E Liquid

Watch out! Your heart might just get stolen by this creamy, dreamy blend of wonderful fruity flavors that is bound to be different than anything else in your collection. Cloud Culture E Liquid has really outdone themselves with this masterfully mixed flavor that is so unique and well made that you will become a fanatic follower of everything they make. This juice is great any time of year but especially in summer time for its wonderfully wild take on the classic summer dessert that everyone knows and loves. Quit spoiling your calorie count and treat yourself to this juice that will give you the exact same flavor and silky, smooth feeling while keeping you healthy and without all of those awful little sugar bugs! Smooth Criminal takes sweet, tropical bananas and turns them into a double churned ice cream then tops it off with ripe, juicy strawberries. Banana ice cream has become a huge trend recently and with good reason! Like an even sweeter, creamier version of your traditional ice cream it delivers a richer more natural flavor that makes you feel good while vaping it. Pure and authentic, every last bit of this juice tastes like something that you would find at a fancy, high end health food restaurant. So now you can enjoy all of the flavors that you crave without a single worry, where else would you be able to enjoy a frozen dessert style treat on the go other than vaping? No one wants a big, messy, melty puddle to deal with and this juice is completely trouble free. It's the perfect solution to all of those ice cream cravings you've been having so keep that smile on your face with this satisfying mix.

Primary Flavors: Banana, Ice Cream, Strawberry

PG/VG: 30/70