Sour Strings - Sweet Collection E Liquid

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Sour Strings - Sweet Collection E Liquid 

Are you craving a little sour treat? Sure, you can make your way to the candy shop and purchase a couple of different snacks, but they are not going to compare to anything that this e liquid has ready for you. Besides, why head to the store when you can have this e liquid on deck that you can help yourself to whenever you want? Sour Stings is the name of the vape juice that is most likely going to make a statement right from the jump. The Sweet Collection E Liquid brings this vape juice to us, and if you are familiar with the name, then you should always be ready for something intense to come your way. This collection does not play and you are about to learn why. As you slowly begin to take a draw, you are going to have fun savoring the succulent blend. First, you are going to taste the watermelon fruit that is going to be refreshing and sweet. Usually, you help yourself to this fruit in the summer, but it seems like this blend allows you to enjoy it whenever you feel like you need it. As you continue to inhale, you are going to receive this sugary vibe that might give you a sugar rush, but that depends on your tolerance to sweets. It is not going to have you bouncing off the walls, so you do not have to worry too much about that. Suddenly, you feel your mouth puckering because there is a sour vibe creeping in. This is what you have been waiting for and that is why you should not be going around acting surprised. As these flavors come together, it appears like this e liquid brought the candy shop straight to your room, and it will always do so when you want to go on a unique trip.

Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Candy