Sour Sweet Blackberry - Supr E Liquid

Brand: Supr E Liquid

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Sour Sweet Blackberry - Supr E Liquid 


If a bold combination of flavors becomes a craving, Supr E Liquid might have the correct vape juice to satisfy it. Sour Sweet Blackberry by Supr E Liquid contains several notes that cause an explosion whenever one desires to indulge in it. The tangy blackberry flavor is potent from start to finish. Perhaps it is because this collection only uses high-quality ingredients in order to create such memorable blends. The best part might even be that this vape juice is available in a 120ml chubby gorilla bottle. When picking up this e liquid, it is important to know that there are three different nicotine strengths to choose from, 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Each of the nicotine strengths offers a unique level of intensity that allows the vaping to become one of a kind. As mentioned before, Supr E Liquid does not slack when it comes to producing some of the most popular e liquids in the market. When trying this vape juice, one might find Sour Sweet Black to have a familiar taste. Well, that is because this e liquid was formerly known as BJ, the e liquid part of the Fuggin Vapor E Liquid collection. However, now it has a different formula ready to satisfy the palate whenever it gets the chance.


Primary Flavors: Blackberry