Sour Sweet - Sweet Collection E Liquid

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Sour Sweet - Sweet Collection E Liquid 

Having a variety of different e liquids can be a great thing because you can choose from a long list of blends to vape with. However, it is not odd to sometimes feel like you are missing a sensation that your menu of vape juices is just not giving you. It is kind of like having a closet filled with several different pieces of clothing, but still feeling you do not have something to wear. Sure, some stuff may even have the tag on it, but you know inside that it is not time to premiere that top. Well, this e liquid is going to show you that maybe getting your hands on this one will not allow you to turn to anything else. Sour Sweet is the name of the vape juice that is changing the vaping game because of all the unique hints and notes someone experiences when they go for a puff. This blend is brought to us by the Sweet Collection E Liquid, which has a couple of other flavors up its sleeve to make your mouth water. When you take a hit of this e liquid, you will almost instantly realize that this e liquid lives up to its name. The lime notes are going to carry these tart hints that make your taste buds tingle as they enjoy the fruit roaming around making sure they are taken care of. Eventually, the tangerine flavor makes it ways in and starts to stomp its tangy notes all over the place like it has a mission to take over your palate. Last, but not least, you will be hit with a sweet blast when the strawberry storm in and give you the sweetness that makes you salivate like crazy. This is a fruity combination you never thought about putting together, but this e liquid has your back. Just in case you feel like you need a little something like no other, look for this collection and there is a high chance you will be satisfied every time. 

Primary Flavors: Lime, Tangerine, Strawberry