Stardust - Vape Wild E Liquid

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Stardust - Vape Wild E Liquid 

Want something that is going to be so refreshing that you might start to think that you are hanging out at a spa enjoying one of the cocktails they have to offer? Well, stop having a difficult time looking for an e liquid that is going to give you an amazing sensation because this one will be the right one. Stardust is the name of the e liquid that is going to be like no other because it brings the cucumber and a refreshing melon together. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are going to taste the rich cucumber flavor making its way into your mouth. The cucumber gives you a sensation as if you are drinking some water that was infused with this delicious fruit. As you keep pulling, you are going to taste the flavors of a honeydew melon begin to make its way in as if it was eager to meet up with the cucumber to show it a good time. There is nothing wrong with a couple of green fruits mingling together. As both of these fruits come together, they might continue to make your mouth water in order for you to have a good time vaping with this blend. You will even feel the blend starts to make its way down your throat so that you can receive the small throat hit that this e liquid has to offer. It is not going to be something that is too intense, but it is still going to be a sensation that allows you to enjoy this vape juice even more. When you can no longer hold this blend in, you start to carefully let everything out of your system so that you can get ready for another fresh pull. The clouds that will escape out of your mouth are going to be amazing and worth viewing a couple time. Did we say viewing? Because we also meant smell since they have an aromatic scent that will make sure to keep you coming back for more.


Primary Flavors: CucumberHoneydew

PG/VG: 35/65