Stone Age - Vape Wild E Liquid

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Stone Age - Vape Wild E Liquid 

As interesting as the Stone Age era sounds, you might not be willing to go back to it because there was no Internet, smartphones, WIFI, but most importantly, no vaping! However, the Stone Age that we are talking about here is a savory and sweet one that will taste incredible. Are you confused? Well, don’t be because Stone Age is the name of an e liquid that will allow you to feel as if you are indulging in a classic breakfast with some dessert to make things even sweeter. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are going to feel as if you are taking a spoonful of cereal that you unknowingly served yourself. There is nothing freaky about that so you just keep on going. You are going to taste the fruity flakes giving you a crunchy sensation that is going to taste as if they were made of different fruits that were freshly picked. The fruits are going to be amazing and make you feel great. Even though this bowl of cereal does not have any milk, it does have something better that will give you a creamy sensation. You are going to start feeling as if you mistakenly used vanilla ice cream instead of milk to prevent the cereal from tasting too dry. The ice cream is going to add the right consistency that you need in order to convince you that this is one of the best e liquids you have ever tried. This vape juice is even going to provide a throat hit that is not going to be too intense, but it is still going to make the flavors even more potent than you expected. After vaping with this e liquid, you might want to consider trying this combination out in real life. Then again, the supermarket seems very far, and this blend is already giving you all of the sweetness that you need.


Primary Flavors: Cereal, Fruit, Vanilla, Ice Cream

PG/VG: 35/65