Strapple Worms - Sour King E Liquid

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Strapple Worms - Sour King E Liquid

The king of tart, tangy flavor is back and he really knows how to have a good time! You know the inspiration behind this juice and we are sure that you have some really happy memories attached to it. The way that vaping this is going to make you feel will be simply sensational and every time that you go to inhale this blend you will be brought further and further into the past which will make it so easy to fondly reminisce about those simpler times. Don't we all love being able to tap into our memories like that? Science has proven that one of the best ways to bring about memories that we once thought were forgotten about is through triggering our senses and trust us when we say that this flavor will be able to get you back into that zone in a jiffy. When most of us start to crave sweets we usually have this immediate situation where we are torn between treating ourselves and trying to convince ourselves otherwise. Sugar packed foods can be so unhealthy for us and have a lot of really negative side effects so in reality they should be saved for the occasional indulgence. This vape juice blend is going to make it so that you are able to constantly get that flavor that you crave without having any of those negative thoughts bringing down your mood. Sour King E Liquid creates mind stirring vape juice blends that will put your senses into gymnastics. Don't put trying their products off any longer than you have to because their selection of different flavors will be game changers that you are so grateful that you were able to try. Strapple Worms has a mixture of ripe raspberry and some tart green apple that is infused into a sweet candy base.

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Apple, Candy