Straw-Melon Cupcake - Hometown Hero Gold E Liquid

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Straw-Melon Cupcake - Hometown Hero Gold E Liquid 

Bite into this cupcake and you will notice that this is not one that you can find in any bakery or pastry shop. This is not even going to be a cupcake, but an e liquid that tastes like a flavorful one that leaves you wanting more. Straw-Melon Cupcake is the name of the e liquid that is going to be tasty from the second you take your first pull until you exhale and allow the last few notes to glide over your tongue. Speaking about the first draw, when you do so, you will almost quickly taste the soft cupcake flavor pouring into your mouth as if you just took a bite of a nice fluffy one that covers your whole mouth with all this goodness. As you keep inhaling, you are going to taste the strawberry flavor that is going to sneak up on you as it explodes all of it sweet notes so that this is not a plain and dry cupcake you are consuming. Last, but not least, you are going to savor the watermelon blast that will erupt all of its refreshing notes that will most likely make your mouth water like crazy. As you taste all of these different flavors coming together, you are going to grow overwhelmed by how good this combination is treating you. A velvety touch begins to build in your mouth as the e liquid starts to travel down your throat. Suddenly, you are delivered this tiny throat hit that makes you realize that this is probably one of the best e liquid you ever brought to your palate. It is going to be a smooth one that just lets flavors get more potent. As you gently breathe out, you admire the wonderful clouds that are going to get bigger as they appear before your very eyes. Their scent is also going to be incredible and make you want to go for another hit right after your cloudy friends say goodbye. 

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Watermelon, Cupcake

PG/VG: 30/70