Straw-Melon Slush - Sub Zero Slush E Liquid

Brand: Sub Zero Slush E Liquid

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Straw-Melon Slush - Sub Zero Slush E Liquid

This blend is pure summertime packed into a bottle, when you vape it you will be completely stunned by the way that the flavors have been exhibited. Anyone who enjoys their fruit based blends will know all about how wonderful that having a good, authentic tasting blend is. This one is going to give you intense taste that drives your senses completely and totally wild. You just can't put a blend like this down and it will be evident by how quickly you end up going through the bottle. You might want to plan ahead and pick up a few extras so that you never have to go even a single day without it in your life. Many people underestimate the feelings and memories that flavors can evoke and this is one that will have your soul flying high as you think back to all of those happy memories you have from summers gone by enjoying this flavor. Sub Zero Slush E Liquid focuses their attention on making slushy inspired blends that take the flavors that you know and upgrades them tenfold. You will be shocked by how close to the real thing that they actually taste and want to reach for them as often as you possibly can. Straw-Melon Slush takes that unmistakable slushy base and packs it with farm fresh strawberries and juicy, sweet watermelon that is going to be the key to your refreshment. Don't find yourself stuck without any way to find relief. You will be completely and totally set as long as you have this blend in your repertoire.

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Watermelon, Menthol