Strawberry Astronaut - Jimmy The Juice Man Salt E Liquid

Brand: Jimmy The Juice Man Salt E Liquid

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Strawberry Astronaut - Jimmy The Juice Man Salt E Liquid 

Never settle for a salt e liquid that will not give you the satisfaction that you deserve. This is why you should always consider getting your hands on Strawberry Astronaut, by Jimmy The Juice Man Salt E Liquid, because it will most likely have the hints and notes that are succulent. Made from some of the freshest ingredients, this vape juice might make you constantly come back for more after the first hit. When you take a nice long draw, falling in love with the strawberry flavor might happen almost instantly. The berries might even appear to be sugary as if it was coming from a piece of candy that melts in your mouth. Continue to focus on this experience and notice the tart and juicy apricot notes that erupt in your palate. Making your mouth pucker for a second, appreciate the trip occurring inside of you. Since this vape juice does contain some salt based nicotine, do not be intimidated by the explosive throat hit that eventually goes off. The throat hit will make the primary flavors of this blend to grow more potent than before. However, the vape trip will still remain smooth and gentle so that it does not make you feel very uncomfortable at any point. As you breathe out, make sure you do so slowly so that you can see the drama of the small number of clouds developing in front of you. Their size might not be obnoxious, but their scent will most likely make anyone who takes a whiff quickly enjoy it. Purchase the 30ml bottle of this salt e liquid, and you can take as many hits as you wish when you want. Available in two nicotine strengths, pick the one you prefer so that you receive the experience that will help you relax.  

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Apricot