Strawberry Banana Frost - Mr. Freeze E Liquid

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Strawberry Banana Frost - Mr. Freeze E Liquid 

This sweet, fresh tasting dessert is going to give you will be ideal for satisfying those cravings that pop up during the summertime. If you are the kind of person who is constantly trying to fight off fierce cravings to no avail, this is going to be that selection that has you able to really indulge yourself and give in to your urges without having to arrange some extra time at the gym after. Vaping technology and innovation has come a very long way and the way that this blend tastes so close to the real thing really is proof of that. You might not even believe your taste buds at first, when you take a pull this fantastically exciting, natural kind of flavor is going to make its way to your senses and have you feeling like you're sitting outside on a comfortable recliner chair, eating some delectable treat that was gathered right from the great outdoors. That comforting vibe that you get from a blend like this is absolutely invaluable and it is one of the very key reasons why this juice is going to be one of the most treasured selections that you can't get away from. Mr. Freeze E Liquid is most definitely the line that you want to check out if you're one of those folks who really struggle with their troublesome cravings and need an opportunity to be able to get that flavor that they desire so deeply without having to run around and make an extra stop at the grocery store. Strawberry Banana Frost is a fabulous arrangement of flavors that combines a delicate, sweet banana with a handful of bold, juicy strawberries. 

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Banana, Menthol