Strawberry Crush Ice - TWST Salt E Liquid

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Strawberry Crush Ice - TWST Salt E Liquid

Strawberry Crush Ice, by TWST Salt E Liquid, is the popular salt e liquid that has the fruity taste with an intense kick that keeps you coming back for more. Frequently getting picked up by many people, this vape juice definitely knows how to show you a good time. Take a nice long draw and focus on the mesmerizing flavors that burst into your palate. The strawberry hints will be sweet as if they were freshly picked and added to this vape juice. The berries might even taste better than the expensive ones that are constantly sold in those bougie grocery stores. Suddenly, the lemonade taste grows potent and you receive the refreshing and tart sensation. It almost makes you feel like you are helping yourself to a tall glass of it on a warm summer day. Savor the menthol and appreciate the icy touch that is out of this world. Strawberry lemonade with a couple of ice cubes is what this salt e liquid will remind you of. If you have not realized yet, this blend will contain some salt based nicotine, which will provide you with the throat hit that enhances the experience of this vape juice. It allows the primary flavors to grow even more potent than before. Exhale slowly and fall in love with the way the salt e liquid smoothly makes an elegant exit. It glides over the tongue dropping the last hints and notes that it has to offer. The clouds form before your very eyes and now you can enjoy the amazing aromas that are starting to surround you. Available in a pack of two 30ml bottles of salt e liquid, there will be several vaping adventures to go on whenever you decide to pick up this delicious blend. After the first hit, you may not want to ever stop. 

**This product contains salt nicotine and is not intended for sub ohm vaping.**

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Lemonade, Menthol

Package Contains: 

  • 2 x 30ml Bottles Of Strawberry Crush Ice By TWST Salt E Liquid