Strawberry Farm Cake - Fresh Farms Salt E Liquid

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Strawberry Farm Cake - Fresh Farms Salt E Liquid

This is going to be a cake that is going to be a little salty, but you will not have any complaints about it. Actually, the only saltiness you are going to experience is the salt based nicotine used to add some intensity to the whole experience. If you are familiar with Strawberry Farm Cake By Fresh Farms E Liquid, then you might enjoy Strawberry Farm Cake By Fresh Farms Salt E Liquid. Taking a pull of this salt e liquid is going to be an experience that makes you want to keep asking for more. The flavors are smoothly going to make their way in as if it was familiar with your palate and knows what it needs. The buttery notes are going to be so yummy, you will ask yourself if you are really helping yourself to an e liquid, or did someone hand you a slice of a freshly made pastry. As you continue to inhale, you will savor the ripe strawberries that will storm into your mouth leaving you speechless, which is inevitable since you will be too busy salivating. Right when it appears like this treat is coming together, you will start to feel the salt e liquid travel down your throat. You better brace yourself for the throat hit that you are about to receive. It is going to be gentle, but intense at the same time. With an eruption going on in your mouth, you may not want to breath out just yet, but eventually, you will have to. When you choose to, you will be greeted by a couple of your cloudy friends that will smell amazing. Sure, they are going to be small, but that does not ruin anything about the trip. This is going to be one vape juice you may not want to let go of. Start getting a taste of the good things in life by helping yourself to this blend that compares to nothing you may have ever experienced in the past. 

Primary Flavors: Cake, Strawberry, Butter