Strawberry Mochi - Saucy Salts E Liquid

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Strawberry Mochi - Saucy Salts E Liquid

Exotic and unique, this blend is going to have your mouth watering from the moment that you order it to as soon as you open up its box and take that highly anticipated first inhale. Many of us have never had the pleasure of enjoying a mochi, if you live in a more metropolitan area they may be available whenever you wish but for anyone in a rural town they can be really difficult to come by. Now you can have them any time that you wish and without any of those pesky calories too with this option that will turn your whole routine around and have you feeling so happy to have discovered it. One of the really exciting things that are going on in the vaping industry right now is the strides that are being made towards flavor reproduction. You are going to see that this blend is showcasing a lot of that innovation with its flavor that is so spot on that you might have to do a double take. The way that this juice offers you a complex dessert flavor will make you just as happy as can be and add something that's really special into the mix. Saucy Salts E Liquid makes a collection of different unique blends that are going to have you feeling excited to be able to load them into your tank and have a good vape session. They have a huge focus on details and making sure that their blends are just as perfected as can be. Strawberry Mochi takes that sweet, smooth mochi base and fills it with this great strawberry flavor that you could have sworn came right out of a field.

**This Product Contains Salt Based Nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Mochi