Strawberry Shake - CKS E Liquid

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Strawberry Shake - CKS E Liquid

Every small town in North America has its own little special restaurant that seems to be around forever and has an unwavering business day in, day out. It's the place that we all go to socialize and escape having to prepare our own meals and snacks. Whenever you go there, you know just what's on the menu and most of the wait staff there seems to automatically recall what your 'usual' order is. This juice recreates a flavor that's usually one of the most popular picks at any good eating establishment and it does it in a way that you can indulge yourself on just as much as you would like with no stomach aches afterward. This juice offers a way for those of us who like to keep out eating habits healthy to push away those cravings that so often bring us to the point of giving in to sensation and for that alone, this is a blend that you are most definitely going to want to have by your side. The first time that you are able to vape this, you might even need to walk away for a moment to collect your thoughts. It might sound a little bit overdramatic but fact of the matter is, this blend has been made to taste so much like the real thing that you might have trouble differentiating from it. Strawberry Shake by CKS E Liquid is a classic strawberry flavored milkshake that's perfectly smooth and creamy.

Primary Flavors: Milkshake, Strawberry