Strawberry Shortcake - Signature Collection E Liquid

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You're not going to have to work over a hot oven in the summertime to make this decadent, classic dessert dish. Thanks to this blend, you will be able to focus all of your attention on finding satisfaction out of the flavors that are offered here. You could run out there and have the busiest day planned for yourself and conveniently reach for this blend to get some of that sweetness and pampering that you deserve. We all need to treat ourselves every now and then but for a lot of us, it's hard to save sugary snacks for those rare, special occasions. You will be able to fully indulge yourself with this blend that gives you all of that wholesome, completely cohesive flavor without any of the added sugar, fats and calories that could negatively affect the way that you feel. Guilt free enjoyment is the best kind of enjoyment so let yourself be free and allow your worries to float off with the clouds of vapor that you exhale. No one can deny the fact that this blend is so scrumptious and you'll be hard pressed to find someone who isn't a fan of its flavor profile. Signature Collection E Liquid makes premium quality products that are packed with loads of top of the line ingredients and all of those small details that make the bigger picture stronger than ever. Strawberry Shortcake combines together cake, strawberries and cream in this tasty juice.

Primary Flavors: Cake, Strawberry, Cream