Strawberry Watermelon - IVG Premium E Liquids

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Strawberry Watermelon - IVG Premium E Liquids 


Flavorful and fresh, this invigorating option made by the brand IVG Premium E Liquids is a selection that could find itself at home in many customer's collections for its authentic and universally enjoyable profile. Strawberry Watermelon comes in a 60ml size with 0mg, 3mg and, 6mg nicotine strength options. As you take an inhale of this expressive juice, you will notice that its combination of flavors embodies the very essence of the summertime. Whether you're in the warm weather seeking a juice solution that will allow you to gain access to an added sense of revival or you're stuck in the middle of a long, cold winter where you could use a little reminder of sunny days, this juice can come through with its level of authenticity. IVG uses nothing but the very best of high-quality ingredients in the manufacturing of their entire, wide array of blends. Their team is skilled in the art of flavor reproduction and they work on their formulas until they are able to match their vision and meet their quality standards. Strawberry Watermelon blends together some juicy, sweet watermelon with ripe, bold strawberries to make for a complementary combination of fruit flavors that work side by side with one another to create a revitalizing choice.

Primary Flavors: WatermelonStrawberry