Sugar Daddy - Hustle E Liquid

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Sugar Daddy - Hustle E Liquid 

You don't need a sugar daddy, you've got the game on lock yourself. This blend might make you start to consider getting one though with its sweet, complex flavor that has a way of treating you right and making you feel pampered. It can be difficult to be able to find blends like this that are complementary and unique, giving you the full package and making it so that you're not left wanting anything more. When you take an inhale of this juice you are going to feel those horrendous cravings that you usually force yourself to struggle through go away without any sweat. There is most definitely a gourmet aspect to this blend that will be able to have you thinking that you are really treating yourself to something that is above and beyond your typical, run of the mill juice. The true complexity that has gone into this juice will absolutely shock you and make it so that you can never grow bored with the amazing aspects that it brings to life. It's time to sit back, relax and soak in all of the goodness that you have been after. Hustle E Liquid makes some of the most interesting and satisfying blends that you are going to ever be able to come across. They always make sure to put out the most incredible products that they possibly can with a lot of time and attention being put on the little details and making sure that they use only the highest quality of ingredients. Sugar Daddy takes some tropical, coconut macaroon treats and adds in just the right amount of perfectly aged rum that will give it a lot more sophistication and class that takes it up an extra notch or two.

Primary Flavors: Coconut, Rum