Summer Blaze - IVG Premium E Liquids

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Summer Blaze - IVG Premium E Liquids 

Reminiscent of those amazing sangrias that are a must have any time that you go to a patio restaurant in the summertime. The flavor that is held within this premium juice blend is going to whisk you away to a balcony with a gorgeous view in some small Italian town that's off of the beaten path. There is an interesting, exotic kind of refreshment that it provides that will have you in a pamper ready, luxurious kind of mood. That first break of the day on a Monday morning where it seems like the weekend could never be further away? Don't sweat it, this juice is going to give you those chilled out, vacation-ready vibes that will reassure you that relaxation is never too far off. Just close your eyes and imagine walking through charming little brick streets that are peppered with small stores that are packed with fresh food that scrumptious baked goods that are unlike anything that you could ever find back home. A well-made juice blend seems to have a magical ability to be able to conjure up fantasies in your mind that have you forgetting about all of your troubles and able to find a little bit of calm when you need it the very most. IVG Premium E Liquids produces stunning, high-quality vape juice blends that are going to be able to give you all of that creative, wholesome flavor that you crave and a smooth texture that is going to drive you wild. Summer Blaze starts out with a freshly squeezed, tart Sicilian lemonade that has loads of ripe summer fruits added into the mix for good measure.

Primary Flavors: Lemonade

PG/VG: 30/70