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It is not difficult to find a sweet e liquid, but it is kind of hard to find one that is going to hit the spot. Sweet Rainbow Candy, by Lady Boss Vapor, is the e liquid that is going to be amazing because it makes you feel as if you are in a candy factory trying out everything that is being freshly created. When you take a pull of this vape juice, you are going to taste several sweet sugary notes making their way inside your mouth. They are quickly scattering all over the place, and your taste buds are enjoying the way these hints are treating them. You can kind of picture yourself at the factory taste testing every single candy that is made. Each piece you pop into your mouth just melts in it so that you can fully appreciate what this e liquid has to offer. When you feel the throat hit that this e liquid has to offer, you can recognize how potent it allows all of the different notes to get and how it is making your mouth perhaps salivate. Right when you think everything is coming together, you realize that it time for you to exhale. Do not worry because breathing out can be a magical experience. You are going to slowly begin to let everything out of your system. The clouds are going to smoothly exit as they grow bigger and bigger before your very eyes. Even though the huge clouds might be a little intimidating, your cloudy friends just want to show you a good time. They want to prove to you that this e liquid has something to offer even when you exhale. Just smelling them might give you a sugar rush. Try to make time for this e liquid because once you start indulging in it, you may not want to do anything else.

Primary Flavors: Candy

PG/VG: 25/75