Thai Sunset - Saucy Salts E Liquid

Brand: Saucy Salts E Liquid

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Thai Sunset - Saucy Salts E Liquid

This delectable juice will have you envisioning palm trees swaying in the breeze and waves softly crashing along the shoreline. It is going to be that selection that you love to have around whenever you want to recapture those summertime vibes and need a way to be able to escape to another time and place. This blend is really extraordinary in its own right and it will be something that you want to have around for some fresh flavor on the run. The different aspects that come together to make this juice what it is all come together to make something that is so vibrant and special. There's no beating around the bush, this really is an extraordinary blend that is doing something that no one else out there is really tackling with the same ferocity. The tastes that will impart themselves on your taste buds will make you feel this shiver of excitement run down your spine and get you just as excited as can be to be able to take inhale after inhale and soak every last bit of this scrumptious blend in. Saucy Salts E Liquid combines some of the most scrumptious and exciting different flavors together to make for juices that you are not going to be able to get out of your mind. They just have this way of inspiring and causing a real impact that has them standing out against the rest of the different blends that you have to choose from out there. Thai Sunset combines succulent, bold lychee fruit with sweet, creamy coconut to make for a winning combination that will capture your heart.

**This Product Contains Salt Based Nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Coconut, Lychee