The Captain - Cloud Elixir E Liquid

Brand: Cloud Elixir E Liquid

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The Captain - Cloud Elixir E Liquid

Captain, oh captain! This juice will have your taste buds sailing the seven seas of deliciousness with its nostalgia causing flavor that will have people wondering why you're sitting around with a big smile across your face. Hop on this tasty ship and set off on an adventure to places unknown that will surprise and amaze you. Vaping is a new frontier for a lot of people and there can be so many different options to choose from that it is nothing short of being overwhelming, you can trust Cloud Elixir E Liquid to set you on your right path with original, delicious flavors that are made with a great deal of quality as well as craftsmanship. So sit down and flick on your favorite cartoons because it's time for those carefree Saturday morning vibes all over again and you don't have to rush to eat your cereal as fast as you can because there's no mushy, soggy cereal flavor to deal with. Every vapefull is just as crisp and crunchy as the very last so you can finally enjoy these flavors that you love on your own time. A bowl of captain approved sweet cereal is mixed in with bits of fruity berry flavored cereal bits for loads of mellow, sugary flavor that will have you full of cheer! It doesn't get much more fun and playful than this and the fond memories that will come rushing back to you will make this juice worth it on their own. You should choose to surround yourself with things that make you feel the most authentically you as possible and revisiting the past is a really effective way to do that. Cloud Elixir E Liquid has hit the mark, yet again!

Primary Flavors: Cereal, Mixed Berry

PG:VG: 15/85