The Dragon - Black and Yellow E Liquid

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The Dragon - Black and Yellow E Liquid 

Unleash the wild beast inside of you with this flavor that stirs up your passion so hard that you can almost breathe fire! From the beginning to the bottom of the bottle, this juice is going to give you such a rare, interesting and enjoyable flavor that will be able to stay fun and enticing in the long haul. When you vape with it, you will quickly find yourself becoming uplifted and alert. There is this power buzzing within it that is almost supernatural and when you see just how pumped that it gets you, it will become a necessity that will be a key to you getting your bread and accomplishing your goals. We all need a good fruit blend backing us up and providing us with a fresher, more invigorating vaping option and with this blend around you are going to be able to get so much of that rejuvenation that has you returning from your vape breaks like if you just got back from a two week long vacation. You can tap into that little bit of paradise with every inhale that you take so on those chilly, overcast, icy winter days as you vape this juice you will be able to fully fantasize about being on some sunny island. Black and Yellow E Liquid creates super interesting, dynamic juices that focus on creativity as well as quality. Their blends are true, one-off individuals that are going to pop up in your mod over and over again, constantly giving you just what you need without having to make any compromises. The Dragon is pure, clean passionfruit just as luscious, bold and juicy as you can imagine.

Primary Flavors: Passion Fruit