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The Lineup Bundle - Nicky Drops
The Lineup Bundle - Nicky Drops
Nicky Drops
The Lineup Bundle - Nicky Drops
$ 39.99
The Lineup Bundle - Nicky Drops
Nicky Drops
$ 39.99
80 Lozenges
Nicotine Strength
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Product Description

The Lineup Bundle - Nicky Drops 


Give yourself the break that you deserve with this bundle that allows you to try a pack of each of this lines different flavors for one low price. Nicky Drops is a line that is revolutionizing the industry with their way of providing you with a much more convenient and discreet way of accessing nicotine. The way that they work is simple, all that you need to do is pop one of these nicotine lozenges into your mouth and allow it to dissolve as it leaves behind a beautiful flavor to enjoy. You're not going to have you stop whatever you're in the middle of doing to go outside and vape, you can access these whenever you need a little bit of nicotine to assist in getting rid of your cravings. Each lozenge contains 4mg of nicotine and with this bundle, you will be getting the flavors Cucumber Mint, Watermelon, Laguna Peach and Whiskey Tango Flan.

Flavors Included:

Whiskey Tango Flan - Nicky Drops - These lozenges are sure to be a front runner amongst those who prefer things a little bit more on the sweet side or have a soft spot for nostalgia with its familiar taste that will take you way back. It seems like everyone's grandmother carries around those tiny little sweet caramel hard candies in their purse, they're delicious and the perfect way to get a little bit of sweet flavor on the run. These Nicky Drops are going to give you a similar vibe to those but with a more complex taste to them and a 4mg nicotine strength that will add another level of simplicity to your life. When you purchase these lozenges, you will be getting two tubes that each hold 20 so you'll have 40 of these delicious and effective drops around. We have a feeling that you'll be using them more than not for just how straight-up convenient that they are. Forget about having to go outside during less than ideal weather for your vape break or needing to drop whatever you're doing to head to a designated vaping area, you can take these discrete lozenges anywhere without interrupting your flow. The flavor Whiskey Tango Flan is a stunner with that decadent, rich caramel flavor that has a way of making anyone who tries it feel just a little bit more pampered than before. Give yourself a way to eradicate your cravings and spend more of your time doing what your love with Nicky Drops! Primary Flavors: Caramel

Watermelon - Nicky Drops - When refreshment is on your mind, what's one of the first foods that you think of? Watermelon is probably a frontrunner that gets your taste buds all worked up. These pods are going to allow you to taste the natural flavor that you crave without any stress or worries. Seriously, this may very well be the solution that you reach for over everything else from this point onwards for just how it's able to come to your rescue and make your life so much easier right from the start. When you pick these up, you'll be getting 2 tubes that contain 20 lozenges each so you'll be good to go for quite some time! The way that they work is so simple, all that you need to do to have your cravings taken care of is pop one of them into your mouth, allow them to disintegrate and enjoy the tasty flavor that they provide you with. Nicky Drops take away the need to stop whatever you're doing to go outside and find a designated area to vape in. They can be taken so discretely that you won't even have to leave your office space to be able to use them. The flavor watermelon will blow you away with its shockingly authentic taste that will have your mind spinning about trying to figure out if you're actually sinking your teeth into the real deal or not. It's sweet, fresh and always there to keep you satisfied. Primary Flavors: Watermelon

Cucumber Mint - Nicky Drops - Clean, fresh and absolutely fabulous, you are going to be astounded by how these Nicky Drops are going to enter your life and make it seem that much simpler with their convenient and discrete effectiveness. You know how it is when you have those days where it seems as though you don't have a spare second to just relax and breathe? We've all been there and during those times, the key to powering through is finding ways to get your needs met in a quick and effective fashion. All that you need to do with these nicotine lozenges is pop them into your mouth and let them disintegrate. It really is that simple and it takes away the need for you to leave whatever you're doing to find a designated place to vape. These Nicky Pods have been giving an astoundingly authentic cucumber flavor that's accented with a hint of freshening mint. Primary Flavors: Cucumber, Mint

Laguna Peach - Nicky Drops - Allow the sunshine to kiss your skin with this blend that will have you feeling the spirit of the summertime throughout all of the seasons. It seems like the grass is always greener on the other side, doesn't it? In the winter we always wish for warmth and in the summer, when the heat begins to get aggravating, we daydream about ice and snow giving us some well-needed relief. One thing's for certain, these lozenges are going to allow you to spend more time having fun and enjoying yourself than ever before with their seemingly impossibly easy way of giving you the nicotine that you crave. Made by Nicky Drops, you are going to be getting two, 20 count tubes of lozenges that are going to definitely come in handy for any of those times that you feel yourself wanting to head out for a vape break but are far from a designated vaping area or just too busy to at the time. All that you need to do is pop them into your mouth and allow them to disintegrate while they give you a yummy flavor. It really doesn't get much better than that! The flavor Laguna Peach is simply divine with how they were able to capture that succulent, soft juiciness that a peach has to offer at its finest. Once you taste these lozenges for the first time, your mind will be transported to Georgia in August, where these delectable fruits are plentiful! Primary Flavors: Peach


Product Features:

  • 4mg per lozenge, to get you through moments you can't vape.
  • 1 7/8" L x 1" W x 5 1/4" H
  • Comes in 20 count tubes


Package Contains:

  • 1 x 20 Count tube of Laguna Peach Nicky Drops
  • 1 x 20 Count tube of Whiskey Tango Flan Nicky Drops
  • 1 x 20 Count tube of Watermelon Nicky Drops
  • 1 x 20 Count tube of Cucumber Mint Nicky Drops

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