The Quickness - Ferrum City Liquids

Brand: Ferrum City Liquids

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The Quickness - Ferrum City Liquids

With a classically delicious flavor that immediately brings to mind visions of rainbows, kittens and beloved childhood cartoons. When day to day life is starting to feel just a little bit too routine, this is just the blend that can be quickly grabbed and taken for a sweet, luscious flavor on the go that will hit your sweet spot just right. It's hard to deny the way that this blend is able to jump onto the scene and immediately bring about this sense of warm nostalgia and positivity that can make even the gloomiest of days seem bright, optimistic and full of promise. They have absolutely gotten that flavor that so many of us fondly reminisce about down to a science and if you like a juice that can make your hairs stand on end for just how authentic that it tastes, this option will be a huge contender. Made by Ferrum City Liquids, that quality will be evident but the thing you'll immediately notice is how it is able to capture that same level of playfulness and creativity that their originating line is so famous for. The Quickness is a scrumptious combination of creamy, cool milk and sweet, bright strawberry flavor.

Primary Flavors: Milk, Strawberry

PG/VG: 30/70