Tickler - Stache Vape

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Tickler - Stache Vape

With an arrangement of smooth, comforting flavors, this blend is going to have you tickled pink and begging for more with its fabulous flavor that really stuns. There is just something about the flavor tickler that is going to make you want to snuggle up with a good book and relax with an unshakeable peace of mind. It brings together so many different comforting flavors into one blend that is going to keep on popping up and give you what you need in one easy, convenient bottle. Whenever you vape this blend it is going to glide over your senses like velvet and romance your taste buds to the point where you never want to vape anything else ever again. Forget about those boring, one-note blends that never seem to be able to do the trick. As long as you have this stunner around with its complexity and a massive amount of detail, you are going to be in very good hands for an extremely long time. You deserve those upper-class vaping experiences where you get everything that you could ever wish for in one quick go, let this blend be that full-bodied blend that gives you that optimal satisfaction. Stache Vape makes unique juices that rip down boundaries and make it so that you are constantly able to find your happy place with every inhale that you take. Their products are made from top of the line ingredients and always offer up silky smooth textures and huge cloud production. Tickled starts off with a fresh out of the oven banana bread base that's been given a hint of smooth vanilla pudding that pulls everything together and adds just the right amount of extra richness that sends you into another universe.

Primary Flavors: Banana, Bread, Vanilla, Pudding