Tobacco Blend - STEMJUICE

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Tobacco Blend - STEMJUICE


This one of a kind tobacco blend has a flavor that's unlike anything else that you've probably ever seen on the market before, it offers a unique profile that when paired with its dynamic form of construction makes for a juice that's definitely set apart from the rest of the pack in every possible way. It comes in a 30ml bottle size with 0mg, 3mg and, 6mg nicotine strengths available to choose from. Stem Juice uses the latest in plant stem cell technology along with a range of ethically sourced, high-quality ingredients. This brand focuses on making sturdy, staple blends that can come through with texture, taste, and of course cloud production for a performance-ready range that can appeal to vapers of all different experience levels and take care of nicotine cravings effortlessly. Tobacco Blend starts out with that classic, deep, earthy tobacco base and then adds in notes of sweet, tropical banana as well as ripe, bold strawberry to make for a lighter and brighter flavor profile.

Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Banana, Strawberry