Tobacco & Coffee - Salt Frenzy E Liquid - Liquid EFX E Liquid

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Tobacco & Coffee - Salt Frenzy E Liquid - Liquid EFX E Liquid

Waking up in the morning can be pretty rough, especially if you are not a morning person. You prefer to party all night and sleep all day. However, we all do have to get up in the morning to perform the daily grind. Well, we might have the salt e liquid that is possibly going to make waking up in the morning, with crust in your eyes, a whole lot easier. Tobacco & Coffee is the salt e liquid that is going to be tasty because it brings two of your favorite flavors together so that your mouth can water and make your taste buds go crazy. When you take the first pull, you are going to taste the rich coffee taste that is going to taste as if someone served you a fresh cup that came out of a professional shop. You try to see if your coffee connoisseur skills are going to help you right now, but this drink is too good that you just ignore it and keep savoring. Suddenly, you taste the tobacco flavor that is going to be delicious. It is going to taste as if the tobacco leaves used for this blend were freshly roasted with the help of the sun. Since both of these flavors are pretty bold, you will not know which flavor do you prefer more. Overall, both of these hints are going to be rich and makes your taste buds go crazy, so you just keep letting them take over your body. This blend gets better when you get the throat hit that is going to be amazing. This salt e liquid is going to take you on a vape trip that is going to be like nothing you ever went on before. Stop sleeping, and wake up to this beauty every single day. 

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Coffee, Tobacco