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There's nothing quite like the classics when it comes to getting your cravings satisfied in a jiffy. This juice blend made by the dynamic brand Stem Juice has a staple flavor that coincides well with the high-quality freebase nicotine that it's made with. Each bottle of this juice contains 30ml of product with a 6mg strength that can quickly and efficiently take care of your desire for nicotine. The brand Stem Juice has taken the stem cell elements and applied them to their range of juice formulas. Along with this, they use nothing but top of the line ingredients in the manufacturing of all of their different blends. The juices from this collection can provide full flavors with ample cloud production. Tobacco has an old-school, recognizable tobacco flavor that will be able to give off a familiar taste to go along with the impactful nicotine that it's been manufactured with. Full-bodied and earthy, it's got a mild throat hit and smooth texture. 

Primary Flavors: Tobacco