Tobacco - STEMJUICE Salts

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Tobacco - STEMJUICE Salts


Featuring a classic flavor that's been made with innovative new advancements, this blend was engineered with providing a performance-oriented, craving eradicating effect in mind. It's made available in a 30ml bottle size with a 50mg nicotine strength. Constructed with a salt nicotine base, it's able to provide faster-acting, more intense nicotine impact than a traditional blend can, along with this, it's not compatible with sub ohm builds. This selection, along with all of the other blends that are made by Stem Juice Salts, is formulated with plant stem cell elements that when brought together with the rest of the high quality, ethically sourced ingredients they are made with allows for a premium product that can provide a more comprehensive performance. Tobacco has a smooth texture and a more noticeable throat hit that's meant to mimic the feeling you would get if you were to partake in enjoying the real thing. Its authentic nature makes it a blend that can quite easily take care of cravings, given a more traditional taste with deep, earthy, rich notes, this juice could very well be a staple for anyone who is looking for assistance in quitting smoking.

**This product is made with salt nicotine and is not intended for sub ohm use.**

Primary Flavors: Tobacco