Shijin Vapor Salt Nic Line E-Juice - Tortoise On Ice Salt Nic - 30ml

Brand: Shijin Vapor Salt Nic Line

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Product Description

It is true that sometimes slow and steady wins the race, and this salt e liquid will prove this statement is definitely correct. Tortoise On Ice is the name of the salt e liquid that is already going to give you an intense sensation due to the salt based nicotine, but the flavors will add to the incredible experience. When you take a pull of this blend, you are going to taste a couple tart flavors touching your taste buds. You get this sensation as if you just put a handful of blue raspberries in your mouth. Then you feel as if you just bit into a green apple that has some of the juiciest flavors you can ever think of. Both of these flavors might make your mouth pucker for a bit, but nothing too crazy. As your mouth might be salivating over all of these flavors, you might begin to feel as if your mouth is beginning to freeze up. This is the power of the classic menthol combination that is brought to you by the peppermint and spearmint mix. All of these chills are going to make this blend taste amazing and you will get a sweet and sour combination going on. As the flavors smoothly begin to make their way down your throat, you get a throat hit that makes you feel as if you are eating a sherbert. It is making this salt e liquid develop a creamy sensation and your taste buds love every second of it. When you think it is time to exhale, you do so but as slowly as possible. This sherbert is too good to let it go so soon. The flavors are leaving your mouth and the salt e liquid is saying goodbye by dropping a couple notes as they glide over your tongue. The clouds are going to be small, but still, convince to go on a couple more pulls that are just going to get better and better.

Shijin Vapor Salt Nic Line E-Juice - Tortoise On Ice Salt Nic Details:

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**