Toucan - Signature Collection E Liquid

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Toucan - Signature Collection E Liquid 

You'll be singing a beautiful song with this blend's flavor that makes you so happy that you can't help but chirp out a cheerful tune. We all have those certain flavors that just kind of click with us and this is one of those different selections that is going to have you going on a nostalgia trip that leaves you smiling. That's the thing with flavors like this, they are so well constructed that you really are getting that wholesome, more authentic taste off of them that can trigger memories and have you brought back to a much simpler time. Many of us can remember sitting at the breakfast table or in front of the television, scarfing a bowl of this down as quickly as we could before having to run outside and catch the bus. It's got sweetness and a hint of fruity flavor that will have all of your tastebuds fully involved with it. Why would you want to have the real thing and spend 10 minutes trying to scrub all of the cavity-causing sugar off of your teeth when you can just vape this super convenient vape juice blend and have the time of your life. Signature Collection E Liquid makes some of the best juice blends that you will ever have the pleasure of trying with their dedication to quality. Toucan is a true stand out from this line with its classic fruit flavored, circle shaped cereal flavor that is beyond yummy.

Primary Flavors: Cereal, Fruit