Toxic Fruit Snacks - ELC E Liquid

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Toxic Fruit Snacks - ELC E Liquid

This snack is something that many of us haven't had in what seems like forever. It was a staple part of anyone's grade school lunch and if you were willing to trade it, you could probably get just about anything that you wanted. Now you can really get all of that taste that you remember so fondly but without any of the sugar bugs that eat away at your pearly whites. There is just something about this juice that's fun, laid back and able to put you into a simply sensational mood. Whenever you vape it you are going to get this rush of optimism that has you thinking that even your most wild and far off dreams will someday become a reality. The power of a positive and delicious juice like this one is very evident and that feature is going to make it so that you want to load it into your tank just as frequently as you possibly can. Why would you ever want to have the real thing when you have this option that tastes just as good but doesn't have any of the downfalls that can come along with indulging in the real thing. ELC E Liquid is a collection that makes some truly impressive juices that range from tobacco based blends to decadent dessert based flavors that allow for an option for everyone. Toxic Fruit Snacks combines a bevy of fruit flavors along with a candy base for a bold juice that will back up any day. 

Primary Flavors: Candy, Fruit