Triple Strawberry (Yummy Gummy) - Naked 100 Candy E Liquid

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Triple Strawberry (Yummy Gummy) - Naked 100 Candy E Liquid 


You enjoy picking up a new fruity and sweet e liquid that is going to make your taste buds go wild. Well, if think you can use some extra sweetness, then perhaps you should pick up this e liquid. Triple Strawberry (Yummy Gummy) is the name of the blend that is going to be incredible as it gently makes its way into your mouth. Taking the first hit is going to be smooth. The fruity strawberries seem to just pile into your mouth as if they were trying to squeeze into a basket. The berries melt on top into your mouth, but you can taste another flavor trying to make its way in. This is why it is better to inhale slowly so that you can taste everything that this blend has to offer. The hints that are trying to sneak into your mouth are going to be these tiny candy ones that are going to be amazing. It suddenly turned this strawberry picking event into a candy factory extravaganza. This e liquid might possibly give you a small sugar rush that allows you to gain the energy to start doing what you are supposed to be doing, or continuing what you were occupied with. As you let the flavors come together and start to travel all over your mouth, you are going to feel them trying to be slick and give you a throat hit. Do not panic because it will not be a massive hit that you will experience, but it will certainly enhance the flavors so that you feel convinced to continue vaping with this blend. When you think it is time to breathe out, do it as gently as you did when you first inhaled. You can taste that last few notes that are gliding over your tongue to making their way out. The clouds are going to be huge, but that just means you will be able to enjoy their scent even more. Check out the rest of the Naked 100 E Liquid line.

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Candy, Gum

PG/VG: 30/70