Unicorn Treats Twin Pack - Humble E Liquid

Brand: Humble Juice Co

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Unicorn Treats Twin Pack - Humble E Liquid 

Just from reading the name, you may assume that this treat is not for you, but that is certainly not true. Unicorn Treats is the name of the e liquid that many people are quick to snag before it sells out. Humble E Liquid created this e liquid, and it is not going to go anywhere. Now, this brand is introducing us to the Unicorn Treats Twin Pack, and you may want to get it so that you will have a supply that lasts you a long time. When you take a hit of this e liquid, you will feel like you are helping yourself to an incredible bowl of cereal that is made from the best ingredients. As you take the first hit, you may feel like you are slowly being transported to the days that you were young and felt like a boss because you can 'make' cereal. Well, you certainly knew how to fix a nice bowl, which is why you always served yourself some on this nice weekend mornings. You did not have to worry about getting ready to go to school or work. All you had to worry about is making sure your favorite channel was playing the cartoons you enjoyed the most. As you admire this wonderful e liquid, the cereal will taste incredible with its sweet hints and its crunchy sensation. It seems like someone splurged to get this cereal because this does not taste like the store brand kind. As you continue to inhale, you can savor the creamy milk that will gently roam around your palate. As your mouth salivates, you sort of feel this small throat hit that makes the e liquid stand out even more. Once you think it is time to exhale, you do so and carefully observe the beautiful clouds that make their way out of your mouth. They smell incredible and make you want to enjoy this treat all over again. 

Primary Flavors: Cereal, Milk

PG/VG: 20/80 

Package Contains: 

  • 2 x 60ml Bottles Of Unicorn Treats By Humble E Liquid