Vanilla Custard - Loud E Liquid

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Vanilla Custard - Loud E Liquid

A true classic for the ages, this juice is going to be the must have selection that you want to have around for when you need a little boost of sweet taste to appeal to your cravings. It seems like there is nothing that can stand up to the draw of a dessert craving, it plays on your mind constantly until you are able to do something to take care of it and more times than not, that means adding a lot of unnecessary calories, sugars and fat into the mix that make you feel less than great. Keep up on all of those goals and healthy habits when you have a blend like this around that will be able to consistently give you the realistic, rich dessert taste that your mind has been obsessed about in a way that won't make you feel drawn out or guilty. You deserve to be able to have the taste that you crave in the fullest form possible and this juice is going to be able to give you that at its finest without any of the downfalls that can come with the real thing. Loud E Liquid comes up with some truly unique flavors that will always hit the mark and leave you wanting to try each and every one of heir different vaping options. The quality is truly something special and you are going to keep on wanting to vape them even if you have a huge selection of different juices to pick from. Vanilla Custard is a classic, smooth creamy custard blend that has just the right amount of premium vanilla flavoring. This is a great way to pamper yourself a little bit.

Primary Flavors: Custard, Vanilla