Vanilla - Miami Ice E Liquid

Brand: Miami Ice E Liquid

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Vanilla - Miami Ice E Liquid

Vanilla, by Miami Ice E Liquid, will most likely satisfy any sweet tooth that it comes in contact with. Coming from a collection that knows what they are doing when it comes to vape juices, there is no doubt that this e liquid will have you salivating from beginning to end. Take a hit and fall in love with the rich vanilla hints. They are potent and almost taste like the vanilla ice cream you seem to buy frequently because it is made from the best ingredients. As it proceeds to melt in your mouth, the menthol eventually becomes noticeable and it will not taste like anything you may have ever tried in the past. It is sugary, and it even has this velvety feel to it. Some people may even consider this blend to be one of the smoothest they have ever tried. How can anyone disagree with that statement when the menthol and vanilla are complementing each other so well? This e liquid does contain a PG/VG level of 20/80, so you might need to brace yourself for the tiny throat hit that this vape juice has to offer. It will not be overpowering, but it still has the ability to make the flavors more potent for us to enjoy. Exhaling can be entertaining as you get the opportunity to meet a couple of your cloudy friends that will be huge. They might be a little obnoxious, but that is probably their best feature. As the clouds scatter around, it will be hard to ignore their wonderful aromas that can put anyone in a good mood. Purchase the 120ml chubby gorilla bottle and the vape trips will not have to stop anytime soon. Do not hesitate in taking as many hits as you wish because there is a lot of e liquid to go around. 

Primary Flavors: Vanilla, Menthol

PG/VG: 20/80