Watermelon Grape Twist- Prophet E Liquid

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Watermelon Grape Twist - Prophet E Liquid

Out from the fire in your mod rises a vapor that will bring new life to your being with its delicious, invigorating flavor. Phoenix will make you feel as though you are beginning your vape journey all over again. It possesses all of the wonders and incredible tastes that wowed you at the very beginning. Since then you've probably tried some blends that you like and many that just didn't cut it. Prophet E Liquid makes juices that will completely wow your senses and give you a new experience that blows everything you've had in the past out of the water. Like an awakening, you will come to see how much more a good, high quality juice can do for your immediate satisfaction; its effectiveness to relax you and for the health of your mods. This blend in particular really is something else with fresh, juicy watermelon and bold, supple, straight off of the vine grapes that are mixed together. It makes for a juice that will have the impact you crave with a smooth texture that just glides down your throat like velvet. A pure, natural flavor that has you walking away feeling so clean and energized that you can be that productive person you had always dreamed of becoming. There is still plenty of time to make those resolutions a reality. Get the inspiration to wake up and make the day your very own with a wonderful blend that is worth looking forward to. It's the little things that make life so amazing and this juice is a great way to treat yourself and add a little extra magic to your routine. Invigoration is only an inhale away with this blend that has one of the greatest representations of fruit available.

Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Grape