Watermelon Nectarine - Killa Fruits E Liquid

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Watermelon Nectarine - Killa Fruits E Liquid 

Those blistering winters always make you wish those warm summer day that kept you outside for hours so that you can enjoy the sun. The best part about hanging out in the summer was that it seemed like certain fruit was in season, especially your favorite ones, watermelon and nectarine. Well, if summer is not the season you are currently in, perhaps you should consider getting your hands on this that makes you feel as if summer is a time that lasts all year long. Watermelon Nectarine is the name of the e liquid that has many people wish they discovered it early so that they could have been enjoying vaping like this a long time ago. Of course, an e liquid this good can only come from the popular brand Kill Fruits E Liquid. It seems like the menu of e liquids this collection has available just get longer and longer. When you take a hit of Watermelon Nectarine, it will be a magical experience that leaves you wondering what are the rest of the e liquid brands in the vaping marketing doing incorrectly. The watermelon flavor is going to be refreshing as it makes you feel like you are at a cookout but decided to help yourself to something juicy first. Nothing wrong with being a little peckish while you wait for the real food to be prepared. Eventually, the nectarine notes start to get potent. This nectarine is amazing as it gives you the juiciness that makes your mouth water and your taste buds tingle. Sure, you may have helped yourself to these fruits separately, but never together. Boy, you have been preventing your palate from savoring something magnificent. You should be ashamed of yourself! In the end, it is better late than never, so appreciate this e liquid while you have and you cloudy friend that come out and say hello when you breathe out.

Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Nectarine

PG/VG: 30/70