Watermelon Sugar (Pink) - Pixie Dust E Liquid

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Watermelon Sugar (Pink) - Pixie Dust E Liquid

Imagine what it would be like if all of the sand in the desert was replaced with that sugary candy dust? You would put on all of your best gear and hike out there to be never seen again. The reality of this blend feels like a dream that you'd have after dieting for weeks at a time and going through that phase where the only thing that you can seem to think about is food. Vaping is such an awe-inspiring, futuristic feeling hobby that the whole concept of it doesn't even feel like it can be real for many of us. Fortunately, it is and you can now enjoy the flavors that you love all of the time! This one, in particular, is such a nostalgic, memorable flavor for so many different people that it is bound to bring on fond memories. You can inhale this juice, close your eyes and see those hot summer days where you could fry an egg on the pavement. Remember bugging your parents over and over again for a few dollars so you could go to the candy store? You would be so relentless that they would always have to give in. Like clockwork, you'd head to the shop and buy yourself as many of these candy sticks that you could. This is the flavor that was the sweetest and easiest to eat one after another and that most definitely crosses over into vaping it. Watermelon Sugar (Pink) is the sweet, bold watermelon-flavored sugar straw that would have you running up the walls with energy. There was no calming you down once you ate a few of these and you would be able to stay out and play non-stop until it was time for you to get home for supper.

Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Candy