White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake - Loud E Liquid

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White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake - Loud E Liquid

Do you feel like really treating yourself to something special? if so, this juice is going to make it so that you are able to get all of that delectable flavor that you love without having to stress about all of the little things that can come with indulging in a truly decadent dessert. Why would you ever want to have to worry about calories, sugar and all of the other things that can come along with indulging in something like this when you can have all of the great flavor in a completely consequence free way? Health reasons aside, it's hard to be able to find gourmet treats like this anywhere other than five star restaurants that have lineups that reach around the entire block. Now that you can grab this blend and go, you will have sheer luxury at your fingertips all of the time. No one can resist a well made sweet blend and this one is something that will have you completely and totally obsessed with its fabulous taste. It is so complex and detailed that it will impress even the pickiest and particular of vapers who hold their blends to impossibly high standards. This is the key to being able to get rid of your cravings without having to make any sacrifices. Loud E Liquid creates really wonderful blends that offer up something that is completely different than anything else that is out there. The quality is impeccable and texture is going to drive you wild. It is so nice to be able to find a brand that you can trust and depend on and thankfully, Loud E Liquid makes a range of products that you can always go to. White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake has a rich cheesecake base that is topped off with some fresh, tart raspberries and sweet white chocolate.

Primary Flavors: Cheesecake, White Chocolate, Raspberry