Wine About It - Vape Wild E Liquid

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Wine About It - Vape Wild E Liquid


The only thing you are going to be whining about is to have more of this e liquid when it runs out. Wine About It is the name of the e liquid that is going to remind you of the summer cocktails that you enjoy indulging in during those warm nights. When you take the first pull, you can taste the white wine flavor that is making its way into your mouth. The wine is going to have a sweet and tart kick as if it was made from the freshest and ripest grapes found at a vineyard. They are most likely going to be the green grapes that make your mouth pucker as soon as you bite into it. As you keep savoring this blend, you are going to taste a couple of fruity notes making their way in. They want to join the party even though you were not expecting them. This is usually what happens when you invited a small group and everyone thinks they can bring a plus one. Anyways, you are going to get a couple of peach notes and perhaps a couple of strawberry ones. It is difficult to recognize the fruits included because none of them are really potent, but you can still taste a few hints. Clearly, this is not your regular glass of wine because this is some fancy drink that you know as sangria. You typically do not have white sangria, but you do you not mind trying something new. This amazing cocktail is going to continue to make its way down your throat and give you the proper throat hit that you deserve. You will know when you get it once you feel the burst of different fruity flavors scattering around your mouth. When you start to exhale, you are going to feel the e liquid collecting itself and making its way out. It gently drops its last few notes on your tongue and leaves your mouth. The clouds you are going to produce are going to be amazing. They are going to be so big that you will admire their scent. This vape trip is going to be such a relaxing one that you will not want to stop taking more hits!


Primary Flavors: Wine, Fruit


PG/VG: 35/65