Wired - Sodalicious E Liquid

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Wired - Sodalicious E Liquid

You'll be bouncing off of the walls with this soda inspired vape juice blend that will leave you feeling wired. Sodalicious E Liquid has hit the nail right on its head with this orange pop flavored vape juice that's packed with a bold, sweet taste. That citrusy flavor that we all know and love is like a cup of sunshine, so cheerful, refreshing and energizing. Now you can vape the flavor that you love all of the time without even the slightest of second thoughts. It's awesome that technology has come so far that we can indulge in all of the flavors that you dream of without even the smallest of consequences. Freedom to enjoy yourself all day long without a worry in sight is simply astounding. Start your healthy habits the right way, you can still have all of the sweet craving crushing tastes you think about daily but now it's in a vape juice form. Sometimes it can seem impossible to break those strong soda pop habits, the feel of the bubbles, the mouth watering flavor, everything about it just tastes so good. Now you never have to go without! Get a few different bottles of this juice because you will want to store them all over the place so you never have to go without it. A worthwhile investment, this vape juice will give your collection a boost that will put all of the fun back into vaping again! Never lose that spark with inspiring blends that help you to feel that original magic when you were first introduced to this hobby. As long as you have your mod around ad a bit of this juice, you will never be bored again. It's the truth, this juice is so delicious.

Primary Favors: Soda, Fruit