Wrangler - Vape Wild E Liquid

Brand: Vape Wild E Liquid

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Wrangler - Vape Wild E Liquid 


When you hear the name of this e liquid, you might be reminded of a car or a clothing brand. Wrangler is actually the name of the e liquid that is going to be tasty because it is going to give you a classic flavor. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are slowly going to get a feeling as if you are being transported to a farm surrounded by a ton of land. You begin to taste the bold tobacco flavor that makes up this blend. The tobacco is going to taste as if you are helping yourself to a couple of roasted tobacco leaves that have been baking for a long time. These leaves do not need anything else besides the powerful sun beaming down on them. The sun gives them the beautiful golden color that makes them look luxurious without eliminating any of their flavors. The tobacco is going to be so smooth that you are going to start feeling the e liquid making their way down your throat. You prepare yourself for the throat hit that you are about to receive. It is not going to be intense, but it is still going to scatter all of the flavors around your mouth. There is not going be a spec in your mouth that is not going to go untouched. When you think it is time for you to breathe out, you are going to look at all of the clouds exiting your mouth and crowd around you so that you can smell their wonderful scent that never gets old. As the clouds start to gently disappear, you start to reach for your mod filled with this e liquid. You take a second pull that somehow tastes better than the last. This is a bold tobacco e liquid that is going to leave you wanting more!


Primary Flavors: Tobacco

PG/VG: 35/65